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Airbag free font download

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Airbag free font download

I’d been looking for a free version of Trend by Latinotype to use in my design work. Sadly I couldn’t find one, so, I am proud to announce the creation of Airbag. A slab typeface perfect for headlines and a kind of homage to Trend.

Airbag slab serif font

Airbag is a modern display face aimed at achieving a stylish, clean, slab look and feel. The airbag free version only has uppercase letters and numbers (with a few other characters thrown in for good measure). As I said in the intro the typeface works best at larger sizes so its best used for big headlines and posters.

You might have to tweak the leading and kerning, this is the first font I have created and the learning curve in fontographer is quite big – and my time quite short.

The font has only one weight, has no lowercase letters, it also has no Scandinavian letters, such as Æ Ø Å (sorry) airbag now has uppercase and lowercase letters with over 200 glyphs (for the paid version).

Airbag free font

Airbag free typeface example of how you could use it.

Why Airbag name?

The name, well, to be honest I couldn’t decide on a name at first. So many slab typefaces, so many names. I was going to call it “Hipster Headline”, then it changed to Idioteque. I liked the idioteque name but thought that people might have a hard time spelling it, so dropped it.

Finally I decided to name it Airbag. The name comes from the Radiohead song Airbag from the Album ok computer.

I think its easy to remember, I searched online and couldn’t find any typefaces with that name – so it stuck, boom, a new font was born – yea.

Airbag slab serif typeface usage

Feel free to download and use for your non commercial work, I wouldn’t suggest using this as a webfont as it will look shitty. If you use the font I would appreciate a link back or a tweet.

Thanks for popping by.

Download Airbag below

For Those that don’t read to good. The free version only includes uppercase letters.

To use uppercase characters you must press caps lock key on your keyboard, or hold down the shift key. I get a lot of comments saying I downloaded the free version and typed something and nothing appears, it only has uppercase people!

P.S. The pay with a tweet option needs to open in a new window, it also needs javascript and a browser that works (pop up blockers will kill it stone dead). If you don’t have a working browser or twitter account you can buy the typeface below for $5 for the basic version and $10 for the full version with over 200 glyphs.

Buy Airbag


Please note: Although this font is free, it can not be distributed by individuals, bulletin board systems, FTP sites, WWW sites, etc., without prior permission.


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  1. Nice looking font too bad one cant actually download it just the same old crap try to trick us into downloading adware

  2. Actually Andi you are wrong. Its not adware, its pay with a tweet. Nothing gets installed on your computer, you just give twitter permission to check you have tweeted – then it gives you the download. You need the download to install the font, its kind of how you install them.

    It never tweets again, and you can even change the message that gets tweeted.

    If you are worried that the download is adware/spyware then you could always scan the download with a virus checker.

  3. The pay with a tweet thing isn’t working for me. I clicked on it and it just gave me a new blank window. How can I get this font free?

  4. I agree, nice font but disappointing to find that ‘free’ has a different definition than it should. I don’t tweet anything, nor do I intend to, so I guess I’m outta luck.

    • My definition of free is that it costs no money! If you don’t want to tweet then I suggest you go away, this website is not for you.

      When was the last time you gave away anything for free that people wanted?

  5. This font is so cool!
    Thank you so very much for sharing it. And guys, Pay with a tweet is easy, don’t get complicated with something that costs nothing and which content is worth to do it.

    • The download should start automatically. If it’s not, then you might have a pop up blocker, a download blocker such as virus checker etc.

      Temp allow pop-ups or temp disable whatever is blocking the download and try again. You can delete any tweets that you have sent previously.

      I’m assuming you are on a pc, I’m on a mac so can only test on the mac.

  6. Guys, don’t get confused. Pay with a tweet means ‘Tweet, then you’ll get what you want.’ It’s just a tweet, which costs no money! If you don’t want to make the least amount of effort, then don’t wish for anything.

    By the way, thanks for sharing the font!

  7. Is there a way to purchase this font for commercial use. I create digital scrapbooking designs and would love to use this font in my designs I sell ..thanks

  8. Hey Simon! Love the font and love that it only costs a tweet! I was wondering what the script font was that you used in your display sign for ‘drink’ and for ‘coffee’? Cheers!

  9. What a Beautiful Typeface Simon :)
    You have definitely honored Trend with Airbag.
    I had downloaded it sometime during March ( w/ a Tweet ) ; my Paypal was having a case of the hiccups at the time, but I really wanted to come back and purchase both the Basic & Full Versions ( it is truly such a minimal amount to pay for such a beautiful Typeface – and all the hard work you put into it ) ; I truly appreciate your efforts and the price! .
    This is like Christmas in June!

    Thank You so much Simon :)

    • The download should begin automatically, it might be getting blocked if you have pop-up blockers etc. It might be worth trying another browser.

  10. Hey Simon, I love the font – just bought it. What’s the secondary script font you have working with it. Together, they look great!

  11. I don’t use twitter and I refuse to use paypal because of past problems. How do I get this font? I don’t mind paying for it, I just can’t.

  12. Great font, and I’m glad it was free!
    Personally, I don’t mind sending out a tweet. It’s the literal least I can do for someone who does good work!
    Thanks so much!

  13. Why is everyone being super bitchy because of this ‘tweet’ thing? Honestly, it’s a beautiful font and the designer spent HIS OWN TIME (time is money folks!) to give this typeface to us. The least we can do is tweet about it, so thank you Simon!

  14. Hey Simon,
    Great font but I download it, install it and when I write with it on Photoshop it writes but its invisible? That’s so odd! Thought it was a glitch but then I changed font to another one and it all appears fine. Is it just a that, as newbie, I forgot to do something? :S

  15. It’s a beautiful font, i’ve made some letters like these ones, with the “shadow effect”. But yours have some cool detail. Thank you for sharing it :D

  16. the tweet thing was cool except after i downloaded it sent me to some weird site so dude this is kinda creepy. awesome font though

  17. It kills me while going through some of these comments here. I mean, seriously, one has put an immense amount of effort in coming up with a beautiful typeface and all you can do is complain and whine about not making it free! And to be honest, Paying with a Tweet doesn’t even cost you money, only if you would have bothered to click through those two extra clicks.

    Thanks Simon, and keep up the good work!

  18. I just downloaded your font because of the font of the word “Coffee” – your preview is misleading and lets assume this type is included. Please send me my 4 USD back via Paypal (see my email).


  19. I keep getting an error from the pay with a tweet…

    The Content you tried to post was rejected by Twitter (Error: ‘This request looks like it might be automated. To protect our users from spam and other malicious activity, we can’t complete this action right now. Please try again later.’). You can adjust it and try again.

    I’ve tried it every browser I have…Anyone have any ideas? :-/

    The typeface is great, by the way! Thanks for sharing Simon!

    • I’ve just tested it and it worked fine. Try changing the content that gets tweeted, so basically remove any text that I put in there and type your own.

    • I’ve only recently added the other options, google plus etc. I’ve tested the tweet and it works, but it appears twitter has some kind of limit.

      Best advice, try again but change the share message. Let me know if it works.

  20. Wow, this is a great font, thank you so much for providing this for free! I was more than happy to “Pay by Tweet” : ) I’ve never attempted to create my own font before – it sure doesn’t sound very easy! Thanks also for including the punctuation – I had to write out Hola! (with an upside down exclamation point in the front too) so I was REALLY hoping you’d made an exclamation point, and you did : ) Hey, have you ever thought about converting this otf into one of the web font formats like woff? I am not sure how you would go about this but maybe something like FontSquirrel will do it? It would make a great web font. Thanks! Carla

    • Use twitter but change the message. I’m gonna remove that google+ and make it just twitter. Too many peoples saying it’s not working.

      Or you might have a blocker of some sort?

  21. I tried paying with a tweet and altering the content completely, but I still get the error message. Any recommendations? It’s such a great font!

  22. Hi Simon,
    A very well designed font. As an old school designer (came out of Art School hot metal, cow gum and scalpels!) and doing an apprenticeship at a design/font studio I appreciate well designed work. Excellent.

  23. Hey Simon, I enjoy the font you made and was wondering if it was ok to use on a T-shirt that will be for sale eventually. Please let me know if it is commercially available or license available.

  24. Hi Simon,

    I paid for this font with a tweet but the font is invisible when I type it out. Whether I typed it out in illustrator or text edit. Despite trying to colourise it with different colours it’s still invisible. Please help.


  25. Tryied to download via Pay with a Tweet on 3 diferent browsers and nothing x.x
    Could you fix it please? It’s a really awesome font!

  26. Hi there Simon, I’m trying to download the font via paying for commercial use and have tried Chrome, Safari and IE and nothing seems to work … it just takes me to a page that tells me my cart is empty.

    Please advise at your earliest please! Thank you, great font!

    • In an attempt to improve the speed of my site I might have broken the shopping cart, I think I’ve fixed it now, so if you want to try again it should work.

  27. Hi and thanks for a great font.. I have downloaded the font but it doesnt appear when I type it in Illustrator or Photoshop! Any idea why that could be?

  28. Hi Simon,

    New to pay with a tweet – did it, and it looks like it worked, but I’m not sure if the type downloaded, or if it did where it went. Um, help and apologies for the ludditeness. I like the typeface and think it could be great for my project!

  29. Thank you for the free font and the hard work that went into it’s making. Visually pleasing.

    As a passing comment, I find it appalling that people want something for free, but are unwilling to acknowledge the creator for their product.

    For those of you unfamiliar with the process, it’s rather simple:
    1. Click the link: “Pay With Tweet” (a pop-up will occur)
    2. Sign into Twitter
    3. “Accept” the tweet that acknowledges the author’s work.
    4. Wait 5 seconds and the file downloads.

    If this is too difficult a repayment for someone’s work, you might try designing your own.

  30. Dear Simon, what a lovely font! Congratulations on your time and efforts on creating something so beautiful :). I have a little question. I don’t have twitter :(. Is there another way of downloading it through like a share of facebook or something like that?
    Thank you so much for making it available for free!

  31. Hi Simon, it’s a great font but I seem to be having issues using it. When I use the font in indesign it just comes up as blank when I start typing, the only characters that do appear are numbers. Is there something I’m missing?


  32. Thank you for this great font! I was going to download the free version until I saw all the haters in the comments whining about the tweet. You more than earned my $5. Thanks again!

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