six free products

Free products from the creative market designers

Why am I telling you this, you might ask. Well, each week the creative market give away 6 products for free. Actually the designers give the product away for free to help promote their shops. Yeh, you heard me—free. How cool is that? To help support my fellow designers, I’m …

hand lettering

Hand lettering inspiration week 4

I’m gutted that we didn’t get snow, not even a few flakes—it wasn’t even cold. So my hero image is the perfect snow scene, can’t wait to go boarding in France. This is the first post of 2016 and I’m already thinking that I’ve created a rod for my own …

hand drawn lettering

Hand lettering inspiration week 3

I think it’s the one time of the year that you are allowed to overindulge. Give it a few more days and we bring in the new year—2016. That means new years resolutions, giving up the booze, the chocolate and getting down to the gym—right? So enjoy it while you …

hand drawn lettering

Hand lettering inspiration week 2

Enjoy—or view lettering week one. 01. Jameson 02. Free Spirit 03. Fight ’till Death 04. Cake 05. Esquina 06. Doodles 07. Wake up and be 08. A pint of beer a day 09. Indians 10. More Adventurous! That is all.