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Beer label brand design and the explosion of craft beer.

Beer brand design the explosion of craft beer

Beer label design—You've probably noticed the explosion in craft beers in your local pub, bars and supermarkets. Gone are the stuffy formal designs of Stella Artois, Budweiser and Fosters.Out with the oldFor these young upstarts the classic beer heritage style has gone, and an...

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Gift box mockup

Gift Box mockup

Gift box mockup there are a lot of them around, but most mockups are 3d models. I'm not knocking 3d models, but you can kind of tell, or I can, they are just too perfect.And as I keep saying—perfection is overrated.Gift box but with real...

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10 stunning stencil fonts for you design work

10 Stunning examples of stencil fonts in 2017

Traditionally people used pre designed stencils with a tin of spray paint to easily mark their goods. They were made from metal, plastic or paper and allowed everyone to quickly apply a uniform lettering or motif to anything.Used as a display type stencil fonts...

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