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Blog of Simon Stratford creating unique hand crafted fonts, illustrations and any other nonsense I care to create.
remove post revisions

Disable wordpress post revisions 3 easy ways

So I found out that wordpress post revisions can actually bloat your database and slow the editor down. Especially if you edit posts a lot like I do.Post revisions, a nice feature that lets you roll back and compare older post edits that you have...

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WordPress premium hosting with media temple

Hosting — If there's one lesson I've learned over the years its to shop around. If you don't like a hosting provider, vote with you feet and walk.I also know, by lessons hard learned that cheap doesn't mean good. And expensive doesn't mean good.Trust me,...

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Enfold a free hand drawn typeface

This is Enfold, a free hand drawn typeface by me! I wanted to create a simple, readable and balanced typeface with a handwritten human touch. Enfold should give your designs a warm and friendly feeling.A wanted a polite kind of hand drawn font for...

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