Simon Stratford

Blog of Simon Stratford creating unique hand crafted fonts, illustrations and any other nonsense I care to create.
buckley font

Buckley font handmade serif display

Buckley is my newest font creation, drawn with a fat Copic pen on paper and painstakingly digitised into a fresh new typeface—yeah!I nearly called it Bulldog—here is a Bulldog drawing—nice.Drawn with a Copic penIt's surprisingly hard to draw a straight line with my copic pen...

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bold riley font

Bold Riley handmade serif display font

Shiver me timbers its a new font called Bold Riley—named after an old sea shanty (Aye! I went there). The name seemed t' fit its rough and ready style—and I thought it was a beauty.With this font, I tried t' make it look very casual...

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