Simon Stratford

Blog of Simon Stratford creating unique hand crafted fonts, illustrations and any other nonsense I care to create.
petit jardin font

Petit Jardin decorative display font

I never had a plan or any direction when I created this new font called Petit Jardin (small garden). In fact I never intended on creating a font at all, I was just messing about in Illustrator.I was experimenting in illustrator with curve shapes and...

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balham to brooklyn font

Balham to Brooklyn cursive handwriting font

Balham to Brooklyn—without question the most complicated font I've designed yet. I've done my best to make it look like handwriting while trying to give it that nostalgic American feel.I know there are many cute, cursive handwritten fonts already, but I wanted to create...

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Nobody likes a smart arse

I was on a design site that I sell stuff on the other day. Reading the forums, I stumbled on a post about the lack of sales.The person was selling WordPress themes. His theme’s had dropped in popularity and were no longer in the top...

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