balham to brooklyn font

Balham to Brooklyn cursive handwriting font

Balham to Brooklyn—without question the most complicated font I've designed yet. I've done my best to make it look like handwriting while trying to give it that nostalgic American feel.I know there are many cute, cursive handwritten fonts already, but I wanted to create...

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gently script font

Gently script font clean handwriting style

Gently script, is my third script font. Designed entirely in adobe illustrator using my graphics tablet. I have to say this font was a real shit to create.I started Gently quite a while ago now, I couldn't get to sleep one evening. Rather that lie...

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Moorgate brush script font

Moorgate a new hand drawn brush script font

Brush fonts seem to be very popular at the moment, with lots of really great fonts around. So it's about time I threw my hat in the ring and release my own hand painted/drawn brush font.Introducing Moorgate, a hand drawn brush script font. Created with...

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sunshine font

Sunshine font a fun hand drawn display face

Sunshine a fun, bold and bouncy hand drawn font that will bring the fun back into your design work. I created this in illustrator with my graphics tablet, I'm starting to like it—Oh yeah.I wanted Sunshine to have character, a sense of humour and be...

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