Falling snow in photoshop

Easily create falling snow in photoshop

Ever wanted to give your photo’s that falling snow chocolate box look? Now that Christmas is just around the corner I thought I’d create a little tutorial on falling snow. It's a very quick tutorial as the falling snow is pre-made in after effects ready...

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Create your own font in less than 5 minutes

If you have ever thought about creating your own font then you are probably aware of the amount of time it takes. No? It would involve you drawing every character, scanning them, cleaning up scans and converting to a font creation tool. Sounds simple? Trust...

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Three easy steps to social media success

If you're user of twitter, facebook or other social media sites you'll know they are a fantastic way to promote your work. You also know how they are a real timesuck. You start using them and before you know it your belly thinks your throat...

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