Dirty Slab

Dirty Slab old letterpress font with free download

Dirty Slab, an old letterpress style font. It’s been ages since I last wrote a post – things get in the way of my good intentions. So this one is well overdue. I really do love an old letterpress font, and if it has a free version of the typeface, even better!

Dirty Slab Variations

Dirty Slab Variations

Dirty slab was inspired by Hamilton press and old letterpress fonts. I saw a documentary on sky, it was all about them and how they dominated wood type in America. Good honest folks trying to keep a working museum alive. They now have a new home, and teach people like me how things use to be, before computers.

Not very often you see such a niche program on the gogglebox – pop over to their website for more information they also have a shop where you can buy prints and t-shirts.

Letterpress fonts and printing

Letterpress what’s that about anyway? It’s a way of relief printing or printing from raised blocks of wood or metal type, using a printing press.

Remember doing potato printing when you were a kid? It’s the same principle as that.

It involves a person who creates and locks movable type (metal or wood) into the bed of a press. They then add ink to the type and presses paper against it, this transfers the ink to the paper and creates the print. History lesson over.

Dirty slab

I wanted a big, bold, eroded slab look. Something that looked like it was printed on an old letterpress machine. Something that would stand out.
I wanted texture on it, and I wanted lots of versions of the font.

Texture was key to the design. I spent ages with wood print textures, but they never made it into the font. Too many points, I kept reducing and reducing the points until the end result was not the effect I was looking for. I decided against texture for now, really annoying but the next time I try this I’m going to nail it.

What I ended up with was six versions of the font all listed below

  • Dirty Slab Regular
  • Dirty Slab 3D
  • Dirty Slab Drop shadow
  • Dirty Slab Extended
  • Dirty Slab Rough
  • Dirty Slab Alternate shadow

An example of how you could use Dirty Slab

Dirty Slab

Dirty Slab Regular


Dirty Slab font – the free version

You can get the free version (with just uppercase letters) below. The others cost just $2 each. They are tested on a mac but not on a PC, as I don’t own one.

Dirty Slab font usage

Feel free to download and use the free version for your non-commercial work, I wouldn’t suggest using this as a web font as it will look real bad. The typeface is not yet tested on a PC.

Download free version

This only has uppercase glyphs only for the dirty slab drop, you need to pay with a tweet, or facebook or LinkedIn. You need an account with one of those providers to download. You need to stop pop-up blockers as they will block downloads. Pay with a tweet will not spam you, you don’t need to enter any email address, you just give it permission to post 1 item to your twitter or other account. If you don’t like that, then it’s not for you. Walk away. It’s not for you.

Please note: Although this font is free, it can not be distributed by individuals, bulletin board systems, FTP sites, WWW sites, etc., without prior permission.

Dirty slab commercial version

This font in no longer for sale.

That is all.


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