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Get lucky font free download for commercial use

My new font is called Get Lucky and for you it’s free. As ever I have a little story to tell about it.

Ever used one of those one-armed bandits? You know the gambling machines where you put your money in the slot and pull the big lever on the side.

After you pull the lever the wheels instantly start spinning spin. Stopping one after the other, as you watch them with anticipation to see if you have won—knowing that the odds are stacked against you.

Now I’m showing my age

Sadly for me, I’m old enough to remember them. I say sadly but there was something really satisfying about pulling that lever.

No matter how many flashing lights they have the modern slot machines don’t have that same feeling.

Back to the typeface

The idea for this font is based on those old fruit machines. Imagine a letter rather than a red cherry on those wheels. Imagine if that wheel got stuck, you would only see part of the character.

That’s what I’ve done with Get lucky. Each character has 3 versions, normal, top and bottom. It gives the impression of that slot machine wheel spinning around.

Rather than explain, let me show you.

Get lucky free font 3 alternatives for each glyph

Get lucky 3 alternatives for each glyph

Now you understand what I’m talking about.

Contextual alternatives

Now to get those 3 letters randomly showing you need to turn on contextual alternatives in your design application. See the screenshot below.

Alternatively, you can turn off contextual alternatives and manually change the glyphs via the glyphs panel in Illustrator (or whatever application you use) See the screenshot below.

Get lucky usage

Best used for headlines at large point sizes the font is quite eye catching if used right. I’ve found the font is great for typing swear words. You could type “fuck” this for instance and it’s not really swearing as you can’t see the whole part of the word.

Get Lucky free font a closer look

Get lucky font

Get lucky font

Get lucky typeface

Get lucky typeface

Download get lucky for free

Download get lucky for free

Free download

free font download

Get lucky typeface

Get lucky contextual alternatives

Get lucky contextual alternatives

Get luck font for free

I’m giving get lucky font away for free. It costs nothing—nada. You can use it for commercial projects or anything you want. It includes uppercase, lowercase, numbers, punctuation and symbols.

Download get lucky font

Please note: Although this font is free, it can not be distributed by individuals, bulletin board systems, FTP sites, WWW sites, etc., without prior permission.

That is all.

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