Welcome to my personal portfolio, my playground if you like. It includes a collection of my hand drawn type, prints, illustrations and paintings.

Street fighting man a rolling stones illustration

street fighting man hand lettering

2 + 2 = 5

Two plus two equals five

Devil will Ride illustration and my love of Gomez

Devil will ride lettering

Kevin Spacey house of cards illustration

Kevin Spacy house of cards illustration digital oil painting by Simon Stratford #itsmesimon

Tiger Mountain peasant song by Fleet Foxes

The Stone Roses Fools gold lettering

Fools gold hand drawn lettering

Fuck trump my response to the presidential election

Fuck trump lettering

Got a Devils Haircut in my mind Lettering

Devils Haircut lettering

Rock and Roll Queen by The Subways lettering

Gonna rock down to Electric avenue lettering

Get your rocks off honey hand drawn lettering

True love waits hand drawn lettering

True love waits lettering

Zoo York lettering on a hipster bear

Roadhouse blues font

Dollars and Cents hand drawn lettering

We can be heroes just for one day lettering