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Fast n Dirty Super Rustic Photoshop texture kit by Simon Stratford
Easy to apply retro print effects for Photoshop by Simon StratfordDirty photoshop texture effects by Simon StratfordGrunge print effects in Photoshop by Simon StratfordEasy to apply textures for photoshop by Simon StratfordPhotoshop texture kit by Simon StratfordEasy to apply textures for photoshop by Simon Stratford

Fast N Dirty Super Rustic textures for Photoshop


The Fast N Dirty super rustic textures kit for photoshop contains 20 layer presets, with layer masks, dirty noise and dynamic background colours.

It's really easy to create a dirty, grunge laden retro print feel. Just drag in your design artwork into the pre-designed photoshop folder and Boom! Instant texture applied.

To make it even easier I have added 1 photoshop smart object into all the folders, now just edit that single smart object to see your work with all the effects applied.

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This rustic kit also has 20 bonus mark and stain effects. Including water stains, finger marks, cup marks and ink spray, dirty, dirty marks—you get the idea.

If you mix and match the textures you can get some really vintage effects.

What’s included in the kit

  • 20 texture effects
  • 7 noise effects
  • 13 stain marks

Note: This product is for photoshop cs6 upwards, i.e. It’s for Photoshop only.

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