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Tuck shop was handmade using real chalk and a natural slate chalkboard.
Tuck Shop is a very detailed display font with a childlike naive personality.Tuck shop it's rough and untidy but that just adds to its charm.Tuck shop font It reminds me of school and those notice boards outside coffee shops.Tuck shop font would be perfect for children’s books and postersTuck shop font be epic by Simon StratfordTuck Shop font its a fun typeface and would work for any project that requires a chalk style.Tuck shop font perfect for notice boards

Tuck shop font


I made Tuck shop with real chalk on a natural slate chalkboard.

I worked really hard to keep the details so that it still looks great at larger point sizes. Because of the rough slate texture, it looks a little grungy and has bags of texture.

It has a fun childlike appearance that works really well for children's books, packaging and display work. That said it's absolutely perfect for getting that shop notice board look and feel. Like those notice boards, you see outside cafés, bars and restaurants.

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Bizarrely enough the chalk also looks a bit like crayons when used in colour. Tuck shop has 3 styles

  • Regular
  • Outline
  • Decoration

The tuck shop decoration is a set of ornaments. They can add that little bit of decoration your design might be looking for.

Tuck shop includes;

  • Three styles (regular, outline and decoration)
  • Upper and lowercase glyphs
  • Numbers
  • Punctuation & Symbols
  • Western European characters
  • Central European characters
  • South Eastern European characters
  • .OTF font format

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