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A free handwritten typeface called simon says download it now

Hello, its me again with another tasty handwritten typeface called Simon Says. Created on my iPad with iFontMaker and my chubby, sausage like index finger.

It’s hand drawn, I did it on the tube, on the way to work — so it’s a bit wobbly here and there, but it gives it a bit of character.

What’s in a name?

That’s easy. I named it Simon says — because my name is, wait for it, Simon, and it sounds better than simple Simon.

Handwritten typeface – how do I use it?

It’s a friendly, fun handwritten typeface, weird, as I’m a grumpy sod! So use it to add that personal touch to your design work. Handwritten fonts are great for invites, fonts, cards, tote bags and t-shirts.

People say that handwritten typefaces are inherently feminine, not sure I agree, you decide. If I had to sum it up, I’d say it’s a spontaneous and informal handwritten font.

I’ve posted samples below, from my behance to show you what I’ve done with it.

simon says typeface free

Simon says typeface

informal handwritten font

Informal handwritten style

handwritten typeface

It’s 100% free

Simon says usage

It’s 100% free, for non-commercial use, you just need to tweet to get the typography goodness.

Some people don’t like to pay with a tweet, so, you’ll have to buy the commercial version.

Download Simon says

Pop-up blockers are great, but can kill your download stone dead. You need to temporarily stop pop-up blockers, until you have the font goodness, then turn it back on.

Pay with a tweet will not spam you, you don’t need to enter any email address, you just give it permission to post 1 item to your twitter or other account.

If you don’t like that, you’ll have to buy the commercial version, and pay with cool hard cash.

If the tweet fails, don’t worry. Close all the tweet windows, and try again but this time change the whole tweet message. When I say the whole message I mean it, change everything to your own text.

Buy the commercial version

You can buy the commercial version for £2.50, that includes the regular and bold versions of the typeface. Both versions of the font have around 210 glyphs, including uppercase, lowercase, numbers, punctuation and some symbols.

How to use pay with a tweet

That is all.


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