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Blog of Simon Stratford creating unique hand crafted fonts, illustrations and any other nonsense I care to create.
Autobahn SVG Bitmap font by simon stratford

Autobahn SVG bitmap stencil font

First font of 2019 and it's another Opentype-SVG Bitmap font. Called Autobahn SVG it's a bold display stencil font. Very much in the vain of my other typeface called Mind The Gap. This time it has one major difference from Mind The Gap. It has...

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Wild Irish Rose is ideal for a wide range of uses. Its chic modern look would be great for social media, fashion and beauty, branding, book covers and magazines, logo design, social media marketing, wedding invites and anything where you want that original handcrafted feel.

Wild Irish Rose brush script font

Wild Irish Rose is quickly hand painted brush script font. Painted without overthinking too much (easy for me huh), I intentionally painted it as fast as I could. I knew, or at least I thought that would give it energy. Adding energy into a static...

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10 Beautiful patterns for designers by Simon Stratford

10 Beautiful patterns for designers

Did anyone notice an explosion of patterns? When did that happen? Have I been walking around with a blindfold on? I've just suddenly tuned into them. Perhaps its the fact that summer designs have caught my eye. Bright, very bright colourful patterns seem to be the...

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