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Buckley font handmade serif display

Buckley is my newest font creation, drawn with a fat Copic pen on paper and painstakingly digitised into a fresh new typeface—yeah!

I nearly called it Bulldog—here is a Bulldog drawing—nice.

buckley serif font

Drawn with a Copic pen

It’s surprisingly hard to draw a straight line with my copic pen as the nib is so heavy. Even with the lightest touch, it bleeds into the paper.

It creates uneven, wobbly edges but I liked the result. It was just the look I was after for this font that I’m calling Buckley—wobbly lines give it personality.

Buckley font style

I’ve been looking at a lot of older typefaces of late—research for commercial projects. My last font Bold Riley was an earlier attempt at a hand drawn older typeface. I’ve also become a little bit obsessed with old victorian adverts.

Illegitimate love child

I think Buckley is the illegitimate child of Garamond and cochin with a touch of decoration thrown in for good measure.

Take a look at the cute animation—it’s not a cat.

Buckley font

Buckley font

What about the name—Buckley

I was going to call it Bulldog, but it turned out more delicate than I intended. It wasn’t right. Bulldogs are tough, big and muscular. No to Bulldog—but I did have fun drawing them.

I spent the whole day thinking, and naming and checking and changing but I had nothing. Then in a flash “Song to the Siren” came up on Spotify. So I named it after Tim Buckley, it was fate and I liked the name. It was meant to be.

I think from now on I might name my fonts in alphabetical order, it might help. Might.

Using Buckley

With its unsteady lines, Buckley will give your work an informal look and feel while retaining a little bit of that french style.

It’s quite delicate so is best suited as a display type, having said that its remarkably readable for areas of large body text.

Buckley includes;

  • One weight
  • Upper and lowercase
  • Numbers
  • Punctuation & Symbols
  • Western European characters
  • Central European characters
  • South Eastern European characters

In total it includes 358 glyphs, please check the screenshots for the full list.

Buckley Font

Get Buckley now for £8

It’s a delicate hand drawn serif and includes all the usual uppercase and lowercase letters. It also includes Punctuation, symbols, numbers and Western, Central and South-Eastern European characters. The typeface comes in TTF and OTF formats.

Get Buckley

or buy on my Creative Market shop in USD

Get Buckley $10

That is all.

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