Enfold a free hand drawn typeface

This is Enfold, a free hand drawn typeface by me! I wanted to create a simple, readable and balanced typeface with a handwritten human touch. Enfold should give your designs a warm and friendly feeling. A wanted a polite kind of hand drawn font for...

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stitchedup font

Stitchedup font a free hand drawn typeface

Stitchedup font or Stitched up, I created this typeface on my iPad while commuting to work. Its very badly drawn, the tube is not really the place to create a typeface. It's not ideal getting shoved about, but it makes use of the 40-minute commute...

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before breakfast font

Before breakfast font with free download

Wakey, wakey eggs and bakey! Before Breakfast font, my new typeface creation. I Found a great new app for my iPad called iFontMaker. It allows you to draw glyphs on your iPad and then turn those glyphs into a typeface—how cool is that. Before Breakfast created...

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create a font

Help create a brand new font

I had an idea the other day for a ransom note kind of typeface. Then it struck me, why not let everyone take part and help create the font. In fact rather than helping out, why not let people pick a character and design it...

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