Drop it texture pack by Simon Stratford—Lots of mess with no fuss. Drip and Drop textures.

Drop It Ink drop textures for designers and illustrators

Just released this new ink drop pack called Drop It. I’ve been busy creating brush lettering for my Instagram (itsmesimon) account and possible poster designs.

I wanted to add droplets to my work, but without totally messing it up with a wrong ink splat—third world designer problem, right.

Bloody annoying when you think you’ve just created a killer bit of text, only to fail at the last step. When you decide to add a few ink drops, for effect.

Then totally screw it up—It’s like hitting your head on a cupboard door. The pain is intense, not to mention the fact that you just got ink everywhere.

Drop it pack Ink drop textures

That’s why I created this pack called Drip It. I created all the random drip and drop textures that I wanted but without any fear of ruining anything.

Standing over the paper with a large brush and copious amounts of ink I dripped away with complete abandonment. Spent the whole day doing a splat here, and a drip there. It was quite cathartic I can tell you.

Now I’ve created them I won’t be getting ink all over the place for a long while—and neither will you.

Fake it till you make it

It’s faking it, kind of.

The drops are real, the textures are real. The most important thing is getting the look I want without spoiling my work.

You can use the ink drop textures in photoshop, illustrator and any application that opens .png or .eps files.

I painted this Radiohead creep lyric with a real brush, then added drips in photoshop.

I painted this Radiohead creep lyric with a real brush, then added drips in photoshop.

Drips perfect for quotes

Love is Blindness by U2, I like the Jack White version.

Love is Blindness by U2, I like the Jack White version.

What’s in the Drop It pack?

The pack includes 31 hand made ink drip and drop textures. All scanned in at 600dpi cleaned up and cut out. Take a look at them below;

31 hand made textures

drop it ink drop textures with 31 hi-res textures

Drop it ink drop textures with 31 hi-res textures

Each drip texture has a transparent background. That makes is super easy to copy and paste to any application and a snap to change the colour.

The pack contains a large choice of drop textures from heavy drops to small intricate splatter. It has a good selection of hi-energy splatter effects for a more dynamic look.

The good thing about the transparency is that you can easily duplicate one drip effect and scale/rotate it to make it look different. You can also just use parts of a drip, just copy and paste it, scale and rotate it—you’re in control.

All the ink drip and drop textures can be used in any application vector or bitmap. And if you are a brush fan, I’ve covered that too—all the 31 textures are available as photoshop brushes. Tested with CS6 and above.


  • 31 ink drop textures as transparent png files
  • 31 vector files
  • 31 Photoshop brushes
  • Full video instructions

Get the Drop It bundle for just £10

Buy Drop It for £10

That is all.

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