Font design taking stock of 2015 and loving handmade typefaces

Last year was a big deal for me. I quit my job and decided to concentrate on font design (and photography). A scary decision at the time but it’s going well and I’m loving being my own boss.

Don’t look back in anger

As 2016 rolls in and I’ve had my week in the snow, its time to start working with a vengeance and give 2016 a kick in the ass.

But before I do.

I thought it was time to take stock of my work, to see the font design bigger picture. Reviewing what I’ve done. This should help me to keep on exploring. Keep on evolving and keep on experimenting.

A font design journey of sorts

I don’t even know how many typefaces I’ve designed so let’s kick off with the last font design I released.

Font design

Buckley Font

Buckley serif

December 2015

I remember trying to name Buckley, my mind was a blank. I was listening to Song to the Siren and it hit me—Buckley.

It has wobbly lines and decorative serifs to give that informal retro feel. I really enjoyed creating Buckley.

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Bold Riley font

Bold Riley

Bold Riley

November 2015

My obsession with hand drawn fonts shows no sign of stopping. Another serif display type with the human touch.

I had a lot of fun creating it.

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petit jardin font

Petit jardin font

Petit Jardin

October 2015

A delicate little font that I created in illustrator with my graphics tablet. Thin with organic curly serifs, now I look back I wish I had created a bold version.

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Balham to brooklyn

Balham to brooklyn

Balham to Brooklyn

September 2015

Inspired by my other attempts at creating a script font. This was a war of attrition and took me longer to create than any other font.

I created contextual alternatives so that all the letters joined seamlessly. Each letter had a beginning, middle and end version.

Oh and I remember it was a beast to kern. I do like this font, but it was a total ball ache to create.

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Gently Script

August 2015

My first proper attempt at creating a script typeface. My aim was to give the feeling of handwriting. It has numerous ligatures and alternatives to make it look more realistic.

I remember looking at loads of handwriting samples for this design.

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Gallow tree

Gallow tree

Gallow Tree

August 2015

Gallow tree was my attempt at a horror font. I created it with a brush pen to get those tapered ends to each letter.

I created this font from start to finish in one day. It took me longer to create all the display images.

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in the wood

In the wood font

In the wood

August 2015

Yet another hand drawn font, more of an experiment that anything else.

I was still on the horror vibe, not sure why? It’s distressed and messy, just the way I like it.

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troupe font

Troupe font


August 2015

I was looking at a lot of hand drawn lettering on Behance at the time. Not of the script type, but of the bold custom lettering that is still popular now. I thought I had to have a go at that.

I did, and I also created six versions of it—they took forever to create.

I was never entirely happy with what I created, but when I look back I’m never happy—always room for improvement.

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Before Breakfast font

Before Breakfast font

Before Breakfast

August (re-working)

I created this back in 2013 I think, it took me 10 minutes to create. By far the quickest font I’ve ever created.

I had a request to add more glyphs, so I created all the Western, Central and South-Eastern glyphs and re-released it.

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My love of handmade is still very dominant in my work. What can I say—I like grunge, I like pens and I love retro.

I’ve got a western inspired font in the pipeline and a bold wobbly display typeface. You can view my full font collection at my creative market shop.

Onwards and upwards.

That is all.

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