free spray texture

Free paint spray textures for photoshop or illustrator

Free paint spray, yea! I’ve been working on a project that uses stencils and spray paint. While cleaning the nozzle of my acrylic spray pain can – by testing on bits of scrap paper. I thought might as well scan the spray tests into my computer and create these free textures for you to download, for free.

free spray paint texture

Free spray paint texture

Its real paint!

Sometimes you just can’t beat the real thing, getting your hands dirty with real paint. It’s the happy accidents that happen that I find hard to reproduce slaving over a hot computer. They tend to happen all the time when you are using a brush and paper or in this case acrylic spray.

So here you have it, free paint spray textures to use in your design work. Feel free to use as you want photoshop, illustrator, indesign or any other design package you use.

Spray usage conditions

There are no conditions, use in your student, personal or commercial work. You can even use them in templates you might sell. However it would be nice to get a credit if you do use them, not essential.

You can either download the photoshop spray textures set that includes the raw scans, or if you are using illustrator download the Spray paint vector version at the bottom of this post.

You could convert the photoshop textures to brushes quite easily so you could paint to your hearts content.

Hopefully you can make good use of them in your design work, if you do let me know and I’ll blog about it here.

A Free Spray Paint textures for designers

This is an old post and the download links are dead. Some day I’ll find them and put them live again.