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Free picture frame mockup psd designs to download

Roll up, roll up Free picture frame mockup, get your photo frame mock-ups. Two for a pound. Actually, they are all free.

I’ve just completed my set of 19 photo frame mockups. I’m giving one of them away for free below. So this post is a bit of shameless self-promotion, well in part anyway.

But I’m not going to leave you hanging there. No sir. I know how hard you’re working on your designs. And I know that you’re looking for more free picture frame mockups.

Free photo frame mockups

So that’s why I’ve found 10 free picture frame mockups. All of them photoshop ready with smart objects. Perfect for you do drop your awesome designs into.

I’ve personally checked each and every mockup, as you can see all the screenshot have my artwork in. So I know everything about these photo mockups is hunky dory.

01. Photo Frame PSD mockup

frames mockup

This is my image, taken with my trusty Nikon. You can download it for nowt, nothing, nada for gratis. It’s a real picture but does contain a smart object so you can add your own image really quickly.

Free Photo frame

02. Picture frame nice interior

photo frame mockup free

Really nice interior desk scene, featuring a dark wood desk, cool lamp and a journal. It includes the usual smart objects so you can update easily in photoshop. The mockup was created by Aleksandr Gusakov, thanks dude, awesome work

Interior frame mockups

03. Poster psd mockup

frame psd mockup

This free mockup looks real hipster, it’s so cool. It’s an interior scene with the picture leaning against a white wall. Retro suitcase and lamp are included—obviously. It was designed and created by forgraphic, damn fine work. It’s got layers and smart objects and is compatible with photoshop cs4 and above.

You have to join forgraphic newsletter to get the free image, small price for such a cool looking freebie.

Poster Mockup

04. Wooden art frames mockup

free picture frame mockup

This photoshop mockup includes two wooden art picture frames. Set in an interior with old leather sofa. It’s all set against a dark wall, looks classy and modern with a retro twist. It has the usual smart object so it’s really easy to edit in photoshop.

Wooden frames

05. Two picture frames on wall

Artwork Frame PSD Mockup

This is actually an iMac mockup, it just happens to have two picture frames in it. I like it. Lucky for you the two picture frames are smart objects, easy to update. The whole image looks 3d modeled, in fact, they are 3d models but they look real. Compatible with photoshop cs4 and above.

Picture frame mockups

06. Picture frame interior mockup

Photo Frame PSD MockUp

Another 3d rendered image, but it looks nearly real. Features a minimalist living room interior. A low table with vases and above that two picture frames. All with smart objects and is compatible with cs4 and above.

Two frames mockup

07. Two free mockups

Free Poster Template

These two are quite plain looking, but that’s okay with me. Both frames are sitting on a wooden floor. You can change the background colour as well as the artwork.

Poster mockups

08. Free beautiful poster frame mockup

poster mockup wall

If you like orange you’ll love this. Did I mention it was orange? Anyhoo it looks great, the perfect minimalist living room interior. Great for poster and photographs. Again this one has smart objects, it makes it really easy to add your own artwork in photoshop.

Again you will need to signup with your email address to get this free mockup.

Frame Mockup

09. Old school mockup

free poster mockup

This mockup looks a bit weird. It features a kind of old school desk and chair with the picture frame above. Very grungy looking. It might be just what you’re looking for.

It’s got smart objects but they are done very weirdly, they are nested and are a bit nasty. The resolution is not the best but I thought I’d include this mockup as its just so odd.

Old school mockup

10. Free colourful frame psd mockups

square frame mockup

This is a really nice frame mockup, it features two picture frames. You can change the colour of the background too. With its bright colours, this mockup should really make your work stand out. Compatible with photoshop cs3 and above, just update the smart object. It comes with 4 PSD files with different background colours.

You have to sign up with your email to get this one.

Colourful frame psd mockups


I used to wonder why people wanted a picture frame mockups. Why? It wasn’t until I started selling my artwork online that I got it. When you are selling on Etsy you can quickly run out of ideas on how to present your work.

That’s when it clicked. If you want to present your designs and not have everything look the same mockups can really help you out.

That is all.

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