gallow tree

Gallow Tree font a lively brush typeface that looks spooky

Gallow Tree, another free brush typeface, hot on the heels of Thirsty Dog that you can download free for non-commercial use. I drew this with a Faber Castell brush pen, I wanted it to look horror like, with a hint of grunge.

Gallow Tree name, weird name huh?

Whenever I want a darker name for a new font I turn to Nick Cave and the bad seeds. The name is taken from the song Up Jumped The Devil

Who’s that hanging from the gallow tree
His eyes are hollow but he looks like me
Who’s that swinging from the gallow tree
Up jumped the Devil and took my soul from me

Nick was described by the NME as the grand lord of gothic lushness —Who I’m I to argue with that.

How I created the Gallow Tree font

Gallow tree was created with a Faber Castell brush pen that I bought on Amazon.

It was then scanned in and converted to a font with Glyphs App.

There was a bit more to it than that, but I will spare you the detail.

The Typeface in action

Gallow Tree font

Gallow Tree font

Gallow Tree

Gallow Tree font letters

Typeface example

Typeface example

Included Glyphs

Included Glyphs

Gallow tree

Gallow tree

Oh the horror

Gallow tree was inspired by the classic horror posters like creature from the black lagoon and house of dracula. I love those old horror movies, but the posters were bright, brash and tacky—I totally love them.

So the font is kind of creepy, but it’s still lively and very legible.

The font includes around 370 glyphs, including uppercase letters, numbers and punctuation. and supports western european, central european, and south eastern european characters.

The font is .otf and .ttf format.

Buy Gallow Tree commercial version £5

You can buy Gallow Tree for £5, that includes full commercial usage —, the font format is still .otf and .ttf. It has around 370 glyphs and supports western european, central european, and south eastern european characters.

Get Gallow Tree

or buy with USD

Get Gallow Tree

How to download Gallow Tree free for non-commercial use

For those that don’t read too good—this font is uppercase only.

Download Gallow tree free font

Please note: Although this font is free, it can not be distributed by individuals, bulletin board systems, FTP sites, WWW sites, etc., without prior permission.

That is all.

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