gently script font

Gently script font clean handwriting style

Gently script, is my third script font. Designed entirely in adobe illustrator using my graphics tablet. I have to say this font was a real shit to create.

I started Gently quite a while ago now, I couldn’t get to sleep one evening. Rather that lie in bed, I got up and got busy with the laptop. I often get all creative in the little hours, my brain sometimes just won’t shut up.

I went to bed with only a beginning on a font. Things got in the way and it’s only now that I’ve had the time to finish what I started.

The inspiration behind Gently script

Sounds obvious, but the inspiration was handwriting, well like duh.

I’ve always had a soft spot for hand drawn type. It’s more personal, it’s like our fingerprint, we’ve all got our own style and I love that.

I wanted Gently script to have a relaxed look and feel, kind of easy on the eye. Nothing too aggressive, just a simple, clean, handwriting style. Some of the capital letters are slightly on the decorative side. It has a few quirks, a few foibles—it’s by no means perfect, but I like that.

You could use it for logotypes, packaging, t-shirts, posters, invitations and that personal kind of design work.

I name this font Gently Script

I’ve called it Gently after a poem by Dylan Thomas called Do not go gentle into that good night. It clicked with me, but I changed gentle to gently.

Buy Gently for £10

You can buy Gently Script for £10, the font format is otf and ttf. It includes over 500 glyphs as it has many standard ligatures and contextual alternatives

The typeface includes support for Western, Central and South Eastern languages. It has upper/lowercase letters, numbers, punctuation, and symbols. It has a ton of standard ligatures, so please make sure you enable them in your app.

Buy Gently Script

or buy in USD

Buy Gently Script $12

Test drive Gently Script

You can test drive Gently Script free, It’s for non—commercial use only. It only has uppercase, lowercase and a full stop and a comma. That’s your lot.

Gently Script

Gently script examples

Gently script font

Gently script font


There are design purists out there who think you should never use a script font. It’s a rule. Good for you. Nice rule, yeah. Rules are good. Rules.

I say fuck that—if you know the rule, break it.

So break them.

I’m not saying to use it for your next annual report. It’s not for that, but if you want to start new habits, then you’ll need to break a few rules.

That is all.

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