Gift box mockup

Gift Box mockup

Gift box mockup there are a lot of them around, but most mockups are 3d models. I’m not knocking 3d models, but you can kind of tell, or I can, they are just too perfect.

And as I keep saying—perfection is overrated.

Gift box but with real photography

My aim here was to photograph a real gift box mockup in perspective. But I wanted all the sides of the gift box, the surfaces to be smart object enabled.

So that you could just edit a few smart objects and add in your pattern design.

Smart objects are not so smart

That sounds quite simple, but smart objects are only easy when the sides of the object are perfectly flat. Here I was dealing with real wrapping paper, with all the creases and crumples that involves.

You can only edit a smart object with 4 points i.e. square or rectangle. At first I had 5 smart objects for each side, meaning that you would have to edit each of objects and paste in your pattern.

This was to complex. I needed a more simple solution.

1 photoshop smart object repeated 5 times

1 photoshop smart object repeated 5 times

The best I could do (with the help of friends) is create 1 square smart object and duplicate it 5 times for each side (see image above). Then using the distort tool, move each side into perspective. Then using masks on top of each object to give the illusion that its real.

It’s not perfect, to get the pattern to meet on each edge, means the distortion is not perfectly in the same perspective as the photograph, and there is a lot of overlap (trust me that is needed).

But the pattern tiles really well over each surface and to be honest it’s the best it’s going to get.

Craft sores are strange places

I took a visit to my local Haberdashery store in Balham High Road. Looking at all the professional crafters I knew I was out of my depth. I had old grannies looking at me with eyes that said: “You don’t belong here”. They were like a pack of wolves, circling their prey.

They were right, I’m no crafter. I quickly grabbed a basket and threw some double sided sticky tape in—a cunning ploy to throw them off the scent. I scoured the shop for ribbons, I’m sure they thought I was going to steal something—eyes everywhere.

I decided to ask the shop assistant for help.

She pointed me in the right direction, and even helped me tie a bow! I think she felt sorry for me as she smell the fear of a novice crafter.

Wrapping the gifts

I had to learn how to wrap a present—properly.

I normally use 1 roll of paper per gift. Wrapping it around the object until it runs out, at least 2 or 3 layers. Then adding a mountain of tape around that. Then add a bit more tape just to make sure.

It’s a point of pride for me that it takes at least 5 mins to unwrap any present I wrap.

Not this time—I had to do it properly. With double sided sticky tape. I consulted the oracle—youtube.

One million ways to wrap a present

So many different ways to wrap a present—holy crap, seriously.

Watching someone do it, and actually doing it—two different things.

Eventually, after a few failed attempts, I got my head around it and got something that I was happy with.

The cherry ribbon on top

Now the tricky bit was putting a nice ribbon on top. I thought ribbons were just like tying a shoelace, oh no that’s too easy—you need to make it look pretty.

Again I consulted youtube, and eventually, I created something that was just about passable for a cack-handed novice.

Taking the pictures

I set up my white backdrop and two studio lights. Everything needed to be white so that it could be cut out and made transparent. The wrapping paper was also white.

I took the images with my Nikon d60. I marked where the box would sit in the scene and started shooting. I shot the box without the ribbons, and then added a green, white and red ribbon. All of them I would later cut out and compose together in photoshop.

Who knew gift boxes would be so much work.

Gift box mockup

Gift box mockup

Gift box mockup

Wrapping paper mockup

Wrapping paper mockup

Box smart object

Box smart object

Gift box ribbons

Gift box ribbons

Passion for pattern

Passion for pattern

Mix and match

Mix and match

Presenting your work

Presenting your work

So here it is, my gift box mockup. Complete with 1 smart object so you can easily add in your own seamless repeat pattern. To get the best results your pattern needs to be square, and seamlessly repeat. That way it looks like real wrapping paper and joins properly where it should.

Gift box mockup proper real shadows

Everything in the mockup has its own separate shadow layer, that means you can change its transparency, turn it off altogether or change the colour of objects without altering the shadow layer.

Plus you can move the whole box around and position it where you want.

Perfect to help showcase your surface pattern designs, or to create branded packaging mock-ups.

Gift box mockup features

  • Fully layered PSD file
  • 8 ribbon styles, 3 white, 3 green and 2 Christmas ribbons
  • Change the colour of the green and Christmas ribbons
  • Change background colours
  • Separate shadow layers
  • Additional light layers
  • High resolution file 6016 x 4016 at 300dpi
  • It’s a real photograph

Buy gift box mockup for £10

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Try gift box mockup for free

The free version only includes 1 ribbon (red Christmas ribbon) and is low resolution, it just allows you to try before you buy.

Free Gift box mockup
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