10 creative graphic t-shirt designs that are killing it

T-shirt designs — I’m a sucker for a good tee shirt. Its pretty much what I wear everyday—its my uniform. Thankfully the days of me wearing a shirt and tie are long gone. I feel sorry for the poor saps on the tube everyday suited and booted.

I’m always on the lookout for new and fresh t-shirt designs to buy. Not the usual crap you get on the high street.

In fact, in England, I find it very hard to find anything on the high street that floats my boat. Everything has become generic and if it’s not generic, it’s way overpriced. I may be on old git but I’m not paying £50 for a t-shirt.

So that leaves the internet.

The great thing about searching online is that you can check out your favourite designers. They just might have an online store. The downside is delivery costs. Shipping to the UK and customs charges suck.

On the upside, you get to walk around in a unique tee that nobody else will have. With that comes a certain amount of smugness.

Inspirational t-shirt designs

So here is my small t-shirt collection, that you just might like. Most are from designers that I follow on Instagram, but I’ve thrown in a Gas Monkey Garage tee as I’m a massive fan of Fast n’ Loud and the tee looks awesome.

At the very least it might inspire you to go find your own designs or who knows you might create your own killer t-shirt. Oh and while you are here you might be interested in my vintage plastisol kit for photoshop.

T-shirt inspiration Bad luck t-shirt design yeaaah studio

T-shirt inspiration Bad luck t-shirt design yeaaah studio

Deus Ex Machina T-shirt designs tee shirt inspiration

Deus Ex Machina t-shirt design tee shirt inspiration


Jon Contino has designed some amazing tee’s here is just a few of them


Made with quiet excellence t-shirt design


Nike t-shirt design


Unsung mfg t-shirt


Dodge & burn-


Gas monkey garage tee


Monster mail order t-shirt


Obey wasteland t-shirt

That is all.

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