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Hand drawn font getting the authentic look and feel

Totally stoked that my hand drawn font Bold Riley got featured on a Creative Market blog post.

I’m quite active on the creative market website so was over the moon when they published a blog post titled 30 stunning lettering fonts that nail the hand-drawn look.

That made my day

That totally made my day—I jumped on twitter to shout out to cm. Getting that handmade look was what I was trying to do, so to get the recognition was awesome.

Build it and they will come

I don’t actively seek it (perhaps I should) but It does feel good to get it. It makes you feel like what you are making was worth creating, worth the effort.

It’s also great to be included with other amazing font designers. If you are looking for a new handmade font you should check out the blog post.

Getting the hand drawn look

I’ve said many, many times that I love the trend of handmade fonts—long may it continue.

Bold Riley was created with pen and ink on real paper. Was there any other way I was going to design it—nope.

It was then scanned in, cleaned up and digitised into a font. It takes a lot more time than you think, but it’s the only way to get that authentic look and feel.

It has a friendly but rough hand drawn feeling and is ideal for

  • Invitations
  • Card designs
  • Logos and branding
  • Packaging
  • Where you want the personal hand made look

The font is .otf and ttf and includes

  • Uppercase and lowercase letters
  • Punctuation
  • Symbols
  • Numbers
  • Western, Central and South-Eastern European characters
  • TTF and OTF formats

Bold Riley—how is it looking?

hand drawn font

hand drawn lettering



free Font


Hand drawn font

Buy Bold Riley £5

or buy with USD

Buy Bold Riley $10

That is all

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