10 handmade fonts

10 Handmade fonts that nail the hand-lettered style

Handmade fonts are awesome. If you, like me love that hand drawn style then you are going to love this post.

Finding the right font. It can be a painfully slow process. Tired of searching on google? Keep getting the same information—over and over again—I hear you.

It’s got to be handmade

You have something in mind for that branding or packaging piece but can’t quite put your finger on what you want. I’ve been there, we have all been there.

You have already made up your mind that it has to be handmade. The unique, hand-lettered style just adds that human touch and comes with bags of character and detail.

That’s the look you want.

I’ve got you back

It has to be quirky and transform your type into an inspiring and brilliant piece of design. That’s a tall order, but I’ve got your back with my collection of 10 handmade fonts.

I’m hope you like them, but if not at least I’ve introduced you to 10 new fonts.

01. Avaline Script

handmade avaline font

Avaline is the only script typeface in my list. It’s 100% handmade, I have a real soft spot for it. Its just so playful, unique and fun. It’s as mad as a bag of spanners and I love it. It has 4 styles Light, Regular, Bold and Sketch.

Avaline Script

02. American handmade typeface

handmade american

I like the quirky nature of American handmade, it’s very retro and is definitely of the moment. Ideal for t-shirts, fashion and packaging. It only has uppercase glyphs, but it’s still awesome.

American handmade typeface

03. FlyCatcher

flycatcher font

Flycatcher is another vintage inspired little number. It has a kind of whimsical look that just might be what you’re looking for. Its a display typeface that only has uppercase glyphs. Ideal for logos, clothing and prints.


04. Claire serif

claire font

Claire has been hand drawn with a brush and ink so it’s definitely got that human touch. It’s quirky, wobbly hand drawn lines give it real character.

Claire serif

05. Tall Abbey

tall abbey handmade

Tall Abbey is almost a traditional serif font. I say almost because it’s hand drawn and that just makes it better in my book. A full character set opens up more possibilities.

Tall Abbey

06. Wanderlust

wanderlust font

Wanderlust is a very quirky and lovable font. It would be ideal for packaging because it’s just so playful and fun.


07. Sweetie

Sweetie font

The first font designed by Laura Bolter—nice work Laura the font looks great. Created by hand it looks really cute, I just love the curly bits. It also has stylistic alternates, contextual alternates and ornaments—easy for me to say, hard to design. Especially in your first font. Expect great things from Laura.


08. Tiger Lily

handmade font

Remember the song Tiger Lily by the Bluetones, no, just me then. I love that song but I’m a 90’s kid. Love the simplicity of this handcrafted serif font by Jackrabbit Creative. It’s got just the right amount of wobbliness—is that a word? That’s not easy to achieve—awesome.

Tiger Lily

09. Native

native font

I’m a sucker for these American vintage typefaces. Native has been inspired by lettering artists. I’m thinking Jon Contino—is there no end to this mans influence on type. Love it.


10. Glorious


Glorious created with ink and brush which is pretty much evident in its appearance. It comes with two fonts that combine really well together. I like the style of it, it looks fun and friendly—and that makes me happy.


That is all.

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