create a font

Help create a brand new font

I had an idea the other day for a ransom note kind of typeface. Then it struck me, why not let everyone take part and help create the font. In fact rather than helping out, why not let people pick a character and design it themselves – then build a whole typeface out of the characters.

Eeeerrrm Lets do it, lets create a new font

Then paranoia took over, what if people tell me to fuck off? What if nobody takes part? What if I don’t like what is submitted? What if people hate me for not accepting their design? There were a lot of what if’s! Then had a dream where Jim Morrison told me that all that matter is that I tried. Actually I lied about the dream, I just thought fuck it, lets do it.

Build it and they will come

So good people, I need your help to build a new font. No, I want you to create the new font – each character designed by a different person – yeah!

You want to take part, fantastic, decide on what letter character you will design, download the Photoshop template as a size guide, then let your creative side take over. What you design is entirely up to you.

A few ground rules

  • It has to be your work
  • If you choose a lowercase letter, make your design lowercase
  • Try to make it legible
  • Don’t submit any letters with a red x (its been chosen already)
  • You can submit as many designs as you like
  • Be creative!

Friendly dictatorship

Each day (or each week) I will choose the best characters submitted by you. I will then mark that as taken – on the image above. So any character with a red x has already been designed. So if you have a favorite letter or number, submit your design now, before it gets taken.

Once all the characters are finished, I will create the font. We will then name the font. Then I’ll make it available for everyone to download – for free.

What’s in it for me?

You get kudos and earn the respect and recognition of you peers. You will also get a warm feeling inside at a job well done. Ultimately you will get a free font that you helped give birth to.

Each designer will also get a credit for creating the character they designed. That will be in the form of

  • A credit in the text file when people download it i.e. john smith designed letter a
  • Your name on the download page
  • Your website url or other link

Download template

So what you waiting for, let’s do this thing. First you need to download the Photoshop template, then submit your design using the form below. Please zip up your design before submitting and keep the file size below 2mb.

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