In the wood font

In the wood font an old handmade grungy typeface

I’m calling this new font In the wood because I live in an area of London called Colliers Wood. You see want I did there? Funny guy, wise guy huh.

Although not intentional, in the wood font has an American vibe going on. In the wood came about from me just drawing on sheets of paper. I tend to do quite a lot.

It’s quite grungy looking cus I just love that type of textured font.

I was experimenting with letter shapes. Then I started to add tiny flourishes to the letters. I thought it looked kinda cool, so I converted it to a fully fledged font.

Good things can come from playing

It surprises me what you can achieve from playing around. It’s always worth getting off the computer and getting your hands dirty. Picking up a pencil is never a waste of time.

Just letting rip, with no real focus or idea in mind. Things can emerge from those sketches, things that you might never have created.

I like that.

In the wood font

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Example 2

In the wood font

In the wood typeface

In the wood typeface

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Example 1

Buy the full commercial version of In the wood font for £5

You can buy the full commercial version for £5, that’s probably cheaper than a coffee and muffin from Starbucks. The font format is .otf and .ttf, the font has around 370 glyphs including support for western European, Central European and South Eastern European Glyphs.

Buy In the Wood

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Try the free version

In the Wood free font


Playing is never wasted time, I think this font turned out just fine. Play and experiment more. Get off the computer more.

That is all.

  • Paula

    Great font but a bummer though, cos I’m not going to be using that third party “pay with a post” application (since it wants to follow new people on my behalf).

    Keep making awesome stuff.

    May 19, 2015at12:49 pm