The best James Bond actors as banknotes

I read in the paper other day that they are going to release a new banknote with Winston Churchill on it.

I wonder what note he will be on? Do you know who’s on a twenty pound note? No, me neither.

We don’t care who they are, all we know is they are boring. Each English banknote has 2 faces, the obligatory queen on one side and a notable person on the other.

Celebrities on banknotes?

That got me to thinking, if you could put anyone on a banknote. Alive or dead? Who would you choose.

Churchill. Its a dam fine choice. He should be on a banknote.

It wouldn’t be my choice. no.

Not that I have anything against him. He is a national hero. He was a bulldog. A fighter. A winner.

My choice

I thought it might be a neat idea to put all the James Bond film actors on the banknotes. That’s right, James Bond. Stop laughing, I’ve not finished yet.

Not only that, but put them in order of who I think were the best bonds. So Sir Roger Moore would be worth £50 and the others would go down the note vale order.

James Bond my banknote order

  • Roger Moore
  • Sean Connery
  • Daniel Craig
  • Pierce Brosnan

It not that I’m a mad James bond fan-boy. I’m not, really. I would go for anything that’s different. How about famous British artists, rock bands, pop stars or even someone like Steven Fry.

In this digital age, Why can’t bank note design be totally temporary. They could last say 1 year, then expire. Or even special editions that get printed for a week.

Well you don’t need to imagine as I’ve only gone and designed how they would look.

James bond banknotes

James bond banknotes


It’s not very often that bank note designs change. God forbid, if i had to imagine who makes the decisions, I would imagine a room filled with people wearing suites, long faces, and grey hair. They probably wear vests and perhaps even a bow tie.

They would call themselves a committee.

Hell would freeze over before these pea eaters would choose something fresh, new and exciting. So it’s never going to happen. Churchill or bond, obviously Churchill’s going to win hands down, as he should.

So keep an eye out for good old Winston and think about how it could have been. Bond. James Bond.