Lawless font

Lawless font a handmade slab serif with 4 styles

I first started Lawless font over a year ago, but never finished it owing to the fact that I accidentally deleted the file. Yea that happened and it was painful, a bit like losing a £20 note from your back pocket (I’ve done that too).

So I started it again but took it in a slightly different direction. Originally it was very clean and angular. This version was hand drawn and then traced into Adobe illustrator.

Lawless font inspiration

I first had the idea for Lawless when I was working on social images for the movie Slow West. Its a western movie with Michael Fassbender, not sure if you’ll remember it. Worth seeing, lovely cinematography.

Anyway, it struck me that the typeface on the artwork was not what I would have expected. It was using a modern serif typeface. I thought nice choice, you didn’t go for the typical western style typeface—bold move.

Fast forward a few years

That must have stuck in my head as I really love the old woodtype from the 1800’s period. So I quite literally threw my hat in the ring and designed lawless.

Lawless font includes

Lawless comes in 4 styles and includes standard punctuation and symbols with additional language support for eastern, central and western European countries.

The four styles are:

  • Lawless Regular
  • Lawless Grunge
  • Lawless Spur
  • Lawless Shadow

Take a look

lawless typeface

lawless slab serif font

lawless typeface by simon stratford

Lawless spur font by simon stratford

T-shirt mockup using lawless font

Picture frame using lawless typeface

Lawless slab serif font

lawless display font

Lawless font styles examples

Buy Lawless for £8

You can buy Lawless for just £8, the font format is .otf. It includes Full commercial license, with just over 370 glyphs and 4 styles.

Get Lawless font

or buy in USD

Get Lawless font $12

Hope you like it, that is all.

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