Letterpress texture kit

Letterpress kit effects made easily with my new pack

Letterpress kit 1 contains 5 high resolution rolled ink textures. The textures can be used give your designs that old school letterpress print effect.

You can learn more about letterpress printing at British Letterpress.

The pack also comes with my new font Circus Freak. It has four styles that can be used with the textures to get a printed effect.

Using the letterpress textures

I use the textures in photoshop, but you could use them in any application that supports .png images and layer masks.

  • Open the texture
  • Copy the texture
  • Create a blank layer mask on your artwork.
  • Alt-click your layer mask
  • Paste the texture into the layer
  • Scale and rotate
  • Apply a smart sharpen to the texture
  • Alt-click on the layer mask

Now sit back and admire your handiwork. To get the most realistic effect with a chromatic typeface like the Circus Freak font, use a different texture for each layer. Or use the same texture but flip it horizontally and vertically.

Letterpress examples

letterpress texture

Before and after applying letterpress texture

Letterpress chromatic type effects

Letterpress chromatic type effects

Heaven or Las vegas

Heaven or Las vegas

Adding rolled ink texture

Adding rolled ink texture

Create old school stamp effect

Create old school stamp effect

This quick letterpress demo

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