Rock and Roller Letterpress relief print kit

Letterpress relief printing kit create awesome retro print effects

Letterpress textures—I’ve been creating them for years. They are a fantastic way to introduce letterpress style textures to your flat artwork.

My new pack called Rock and Roller has taken this to the next level—It’s not just a bunch of textures. It’s a huge photoshop file with smart object ready textures and a collection of actions. Combine them together to create killer ink effects. Just edit the smart object or drag and drop in your own artwork. No mess and hassle free.

Rock and Roller has everything you need to create realistic relief printing ink effects. The pack includes:

  • 30 Textures
  • 19 Photoshop actions
  • 10 Paper textures
  • 10 Extra grunge overlay textures
  • Simulate overprint ink

Everything in the pack is inside 1 photoshop file at 3150 x 4498 at 300dpi.

The whole point of this pack was to make it easy for you to get that vintage letterpress printing look and feel.

Rock and Roller Letterpress kit demo

Letterpress relief print kit

Letterpress relief print kit

Old school vintage print effects

All the textures have been created by hand using real ink on real paper. I used an ink brayer to get that old school rolled ink effect on many of the textures. I also used a cast iron bookbinding press, you know the type with the big screw handle on the top. I used a fresh piece of inked up lino to get that lovely pressed ink texture.

Create letterpress chromatic type effects

Create letterpress chromatic type effects

Combine the textures

The pack includes 30 main hi-res textures, but if you combine the effects together you can get an almost endless array of realistic print effects. You could even duplicate them and flip them or even invert them to double and triple the pack size.

The textures vary from very subtle print effect to totally messed up heavy and distressed ink.

All the textures are folder layer masks, so just drag and drop your artwork into them.

19 Letterpress inspired photoshop actions

I have split the actions into 5 types Edge, Texture, Ink, Grunge and paper. All of them are intended to increase the realism of your final design and make it look like it has been printed.

Edge actions

The edge actions are intended to soften up sharp edges. It adds a non-destructive layer mask to your artwork that varies in edge distress from fine to heavy.

  • Edge—Fine edge distress
  • Edge—Low edge distress
  • Edge—Light edge distress
  • Edge—Medium dirty edge distress
  • Edge—Bold edge distress
  • Edge—Heavy edge distress

Texture actions

When you print flat colour in the real world it has imperfections, it’s not perfectly flat. The ink reacts differently depending on the temperature and thickness applied and the paper type its applied to.

The aim of these two actions was to add subtle light or dark shades to your flat colour. It’s especially handy for artwork taken from illustrator where everything looks kind of flat.

  • Texture—Add dark ink tone to artwork
  • Texture—Add light ink tone to artwork

Ink Actions

When you print from a linocut or woodcut you get more pressure along the edges. It’s where the paper meets the ink and depending on the pressure applied can cause ink to build up. These two actions are intended to simulate that pressure and dirty up your edge. Depending on the size of your artwork you will get different results.

  • Ink—Add bolder ink edge to artwork
  • Ink—Add dirty ink edge
Letterpress ink actions

Rock and Roller Letterpress ink actions

Grunge Actions

I noticed that sometimes when you print from a linocut the ink doesn’t take. It’s normally due to dirt or grease on your linocut or a lack of ink—whatever the reason it can leave random dry areas on your print.

The aim of these actions is to replicate those grunge areas where the ink does not take. Included are 3 levels or grunge that actually remove ink to reveal the paper.

  • Grunge—Add low grunge
  • Grunge—Add medium grunge
  • Grunge—Add heavy grunge

Paper actions

When you print using a press, depending on how much pressure you apply and what paper you are using the texture of the paper can still be visible. It’s like the fibres of the paper are raised above the ink.

These actions add a subtle amount of paper texture that remove ink from your artwork.

  • Paper—Ultra Light
  • Paper—Light
  • Paper—Medium
  • Paper—Bold
  • Paper—Heavy
  • Paper—Watercolour

10 Paper textures

Included in the pack are 10 high-resolution white paper textures—just pick the one you like. All of them are intended to add the texture of paper rather than the colour. Unlike the photoshop action, they don’t remove ink, they add the darker shadows of paper.

Extra paper textures

Extra paper textures

10 Extra grunge overlay textures

Everyone likes grunge—right? I’ve captured those weird misprint effects and made them dynamic. You can change the colour with one double click.

You can then change the opacity, and layer blending mode to get just the right look you want—its grunge heaven, really filthy stuff.

Buy Rock and Roller £20

Get all the vintage ink effects for just £20. The pack is massive the file size is just below 1gb.

The pack includes

  • 1 Photoshop file
  • 30 main handmade print textures
  • 19 Photoshop actions
  • 10 Grunge ink overlays
  • 10 Real paper samples
  • Overprint ink layer setup


Tested in Photoshop CS6 and above. You need a basic working knowledge of photoshop but instructional video’s are included.

Buy Rock and Roller £20

Or buy in Dollars from my Creative Market shop

Buy in USD

That is all.

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