Little Wonder font

Little wonder font a handpainted brush script typeface

Little wonder is distinct handpainted typeface. Made with a single watercolour brush and painstakingly digitized into a font.

When inspiration hits you, you’ve got to run with it. With Little Wonder I had this idea of a fat v thin brush stroke.

Creating the different letters took me about 3 hrs. I worked really quickly just creating lots and lots of letters. I ended up with over 60 sheets of paper full of different watercolor marks.

I was really excited to see what it would look like, so got to work converting it. I wish I could just snap my fingers and see it right away.

And here it is.

Little Wonder font

Little wonder

painted typeface

brush font

Little wonder brush typeface

Little wonder script font

Little wonder glyphs

Little wonder brush script

Little wonder script

Little wonder typeface

Little wonder font

Little wonder is a script font, but it’s bold enough to be used as a display type.

It’s kooky and chaotic but in a good way. It only has one style but does have a ton of alternative letters, initial letterforms, and a few terminal forms.

I like to alternate between all caps and lowercase to get a dramatic type variation.

Little Wonder has a big chunk of energy— it’s spontaneous and wears it’s heart on its sleeve. If it was a celebrity it would be more Bill Murray than Kanye West.

It looks awesome over photos but is also great for headlines, invitations, posters and branding work or anything where you want that handmade feel.

I got the name from a David Bowie song, don’t know how it popped into my head—but I’m glad it did.

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