Michael Fassbender painting

Michael Fassbender photoshop oil painting with cracked paint

Michael Fassbender Oil painting in photoshop, I’m always experimenting with new techniques, trying to get that perfect paint and texture effect.

One of those techniques is to comp a modern face into an old painting. Then using the smudge tool to blend the two together.

It looks kitsch but not in a bad taste way, in an ironic knowing way. It’s a cheap effect, but it looks cool—I’ll put links at the bottom to show my other video’s.

Michael Fassbender video

Michael Fassbender is very popular at the moment, thought he was amazing as the robot in Prometheus. I can’t believe that was in 2012—blimey.

I still need to see Macbeth and Steve Jobs but anyway I digress—I choose Fassbender to create this more expansive video.

I’m still not doing a voice over, and I’ve still speeded up the footage in most of this video. However, people seemed to be obsessed with what brush I used, what size and what pressure.

So this time round, I’ve put in slow bits, so you can see what I’ve done more clearly.

Oil painting in photoshop

The basic technique is to pick smudge tool and select the round fan stiff thin brush. Then while you are painting change the strength and size of that brush.

  • Smaller for detailed areas of the face like the eyes and nose
  • Bigger for other areas like the background and hair
  • More strength to allow brush marks to be visible
  • Less strength to add delicate brush marks
  • To blend areas put strength at 90-100%
Michael Fassbender oil painting

Michael Fassbender gets the oil painting treatment

Adding cracked texture

Then I add 2 layers of the same cracked texture. My texture is really bad, but it seems to work well if you add a layer mask and knock it back.

What I do is duplicate the flat artwork twice. One layer I brighten slightly, the other I darken slightly. Then I add a layer mask to make the cracks only appear in areas of the painting. I put the same layer mask on both images but one is inverted.

You need to watch the video as I’m not explaining it that well.

Michael Fassbender cracked paint

Close up of cracked paint

At the end, I adjusted the colour. I used a colour effect action that you can buy at the creative market. You don’t need it, but its handy to have.

Get me to do the oil painting for you

If you don’t have time to do your own oil painting in photoshop then you can hire me to do it for you. I now offer this as a service, but be warned it’s not cheap. It can take well over 5 hrs work to create the oil painting effect.

I’ve proved that its not that difficult but it does take time. Cost depends on your picture, the more complex the more it costs. I generally charge around £150-£300 for a print ready piece of artwork.

If you are interested you’ll need

  • A high resolution photograph (nothing shot on your mobile phone)
  • A well lit photograph
  • A head a shoulder shot

Feel free to contact me to talk about your project.

That is all.

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