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photo frame mockup collection for designers

Photo frame mockups are always useful. Photography is important. A good image can be the difference between your designs selling or not.

I’m sorry for stating the obvious. But you know what, I still see bad mockups all the time—I’ve even been guilty of creating them myself.

It wasn’t until I started selling my own designs that I started to think about the whole mockup process.

Image is everything

I just found out that the saying “Image is everything” was created by Canon cameras. It was from a tv campaign featuring tennis ace Andre Agassi.

It’s funny because he spent more time crafting his personal brand as he ever did playing tennis.

Branding does matter, not just for big brands but for individuals.

Presentation matters

They way you present your design has a profound impact on buyers—they judge you by your cover.

It’s vital that you show your work to the best possible light. If you look professional, buyers will think you are professional.

Story and lifestyle

You are selling your story, your lifestyle to the buyer. From my worldview, I want to live in a comfortable, clean, uncomplicated, light filled and minimalist home. The idea of living with less is what I aspire to.

We are tribes

I believe a big chunk of potential buyers aspire to that lifestyle. Your customers want to align themselves with what you have to offer, and that, in turn, will reinforce their positive self-image.

As a designer, I don’t want to educate people about what their worldview should be. I just want to look authentic, and hopefully my users will value that and take away a good first impression.

Photo frame mockup

That’s why I created my photo frame mockup collection. They look clean and professional. It gives the impression that you are living that lifestyle and have something worth talking about.

It makes your products look professional, and that in turn makes you look professional.

Take a look at pictures

19 photo frame mockups

19 photo frame mockups

picture frame

All mockups are high resolution

frame mockup

All photoshop ready


Easy to update, just edit the smart object

photo frame

Use the photo frames in your shop

frame artwork

Ideal for any artwork

frame styles

Many different frame styles

A wide picture selection

With 19 different frame photographs you can pick and choose the style and look you are after.

Everything has been shot using a real camera with real lighting.

All the picture frame mockups contain smart objects. You just double click on them and drag in your object. Save and you’re done.

Great for online shops

You can use the images on your website, your Etsy store, your blog anything where you want that professional clean minimalist look.

Included in the picture frame pack:

  • 19 different photo frame images
  • Real interior photographs
  • Smart objects, drag and drop in your design
  • High-resolution images
  • Create stunning images for your online store
  • Perfect for presentations
  • Quick and easy
  • All photoshop ready

Buy the whole photo collection for £10

That’s less than £1 each. I sell these images for $5 each so you will save about $77 buying the pack. You can use the images for commercial work, for showcasing your designs online, and offline.

Buy Photo frame mockup

or buy on my Creative Market shop using USD.

Buy Photo frame mockup $18

Free photo frame mockup

You can download 1 image for free, right here. You can use it for personal and commercial work with the following restrictions:

  • You can’t redistribute without my permission
  • You can’t sell the image
Free photo mockup

That is all.

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