Bob Marley digital oil painting created on Ipad pencil and procreate

Bob Marley portrait painting created digitally in Procreate. This time with a little experiment with real paint splatter.

I started off painting how I usually do, quick and fast, big and bold paint marks. Then at the end, I started to add the paint splatter.

I had a bunch of paint splatter ink effects that I created in photoshop. So, I learned how to make them into procreate brushes. Was a bit of a pain to covert all of them, but I did it.

I like the subtle energy that these brushes have added to my work.

I kind of like the paint splatter, its something that you can’t re-create in Procreate without an original paint splatter brush.

I have 21 splatter effects now. Its got me in the mood to start creating some proper oil painting effects.

Anyhoo, I have those Procreate brushes for sale in my shop.


Painting, Work


April 8, 2018

Digital Painting, Procreate