Experimental brush lettering quote by Simon Stratford

Brush lettering experimental quote by Paul Arden

Experimental lettering — for a new typeface (see my other Opentype-SVG fonts). Creating a brush typeface can be a frustrating task. I find it helpful to grab a brush and experiment.

Making rough and dirty marks can help me work things out—even if it’s just what brush to use.

I created this piece with acrylic paint and a firm watercolour brush. As per usual with my work, it’s far from perfect, but that’s kind of the point.

This quote is by Paul Arden who was a creative director at Saatchi x2. He was also an author of several books that every designer should read.

His books are a quick read, tiny little things that you could read on the tube. But they contain lots of nuggets of advice especially handy if you need some motivation.


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May 13, 2018

Brush, Lettering, Quote