Ed Sheeran digital oil painting created in procreate by Simon Stratford

Ed Sheeran digital oil painting created on Ipad pencil and procreate

Ed Sheeran portrait painting created digitally in Procreate. Another painting experiment created on my Ipad, this time I’m painting Ed Sheeran.

I can’t say that I’m a mega fan, more curious as to how this guy has become so popular. He doesn’t seem to fit the usual pop star profile, more of the lad next door than the egotistical pop star.

Apart from his music, I think his fans like him for being normal. He is just the regular guy who sings songs. He is not trying to be someone he is not.

Anyhoo this painting took me about 3 hrs, so I hope you like it. I might be selling this as a canvas print, so if you want a copy contact me.


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April 23, 2018

Digital Painting, Procreate