Kevin Spacey house of cards illustration

So my mate told me about a House of Card competition little white lies was running. Could you design a House of Cards inspired deck of playing cards? They were looking for 52 designers that they would select.

So I entered and was selected—holy shit I never win anything. I was selected to design the king card, so my assigned character was Frank Underwood—Yup Kevin Spacey.

The designs were going to be printed as real playing cards. As he was king of the hill my idea was to represent him as on old English king in the oval office. I was originally going to have him wear a crown of thorns. My thinking was being president was a double edge sword, like your throwing yourself to the lions. I canned that idea as I thought the religious overtones might be too much.

Little white lies loved it. Apparently, it got all the way to the cast to approve.

But then Sony scrapped the whole idea.

Unfortunately Sony have had a change of strategy for the HOC face cards. They have decided to replace the face cards with various quotes from the series.

Shit. That was annoying, but on the flip side I really enjoyed doing this digital painting and can now share it with you.


Painting, Work


November 12, 2016