Handmade Oasis Definitely Maybe typographical brush print by Simon Stratford Oasis handmade typographical brush print by Simon Stratford

Oasis Definitely Maybe handmade typographical brush print

Oasis Definitely Maybe the debut seminal album of the english rock band Oasis. Released way back in 1994 it was an instant commercial and critical success in the United Kingdom and shot the Oasis brothers Liam & Noel Gallagher to superstardom.

The first two Oasis albums are addictively good. Columbia being a stand out track for me. Despite the Gallagher brothers tabloid antics and sibling rivalry, I just got them. They will always have a place in my music hall of fame.

Along with Supergrass, Pulp, Blur, Damien Hirst, Alexander McQueen, and Suede Oasis helped bring the cool back to Britannia—making London swing again.

Oasis Definitely Maybe

This lovingly created handmade print illustrates every track from Definitely Maybe album. All created with a real paintbrush, ink and paper. The original brush lettering has been painstakingly digitised and cleaned up ready to be printed.

For an Oasis fan, this would be the perfect gift and is certain to put the cocksure swagger into their step.

The print is available in one colour, black text on a white background.
The digital print is created using an Epson Stylus Pro 4900 using professional Ultrachrome inks and archival matte paper. This gives maximum detail and longevity.

The poster is available in 1 size:

A2 (41.79cm x 59.40cm)
A3 (29.7 x 42cm)

Please note: This Oasis poster is sold unframed.

Buy A2 Oasis print for £32.90
Buy A3 Oasis print for £24.15


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February 15, 2017

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