Super Rustic photoshop print texture kit

I created my first rolled ink texture a few years ago. I was trying to clean my roller on a blank piece of paper when I suddenly saw what an amazing texture it had created. It was better than the linocut I had just finished inking up!

Since that happy accident, I’ve created hundreds of rolled ink effects. I’ve got folders full of them. I love them, and it seems everyone else can’t get enough of them either.

Getting the right print look

People tell me they like the print textures, that they look cool, but they struggle to get the right effect inside photoshop. Not everyone lives and breathes photoshop.

So that got me to thinking—could I make it simpler for people to use the print textures inside photoshop?

Fast N’ Dirty Super Rustic textures

I’ve taken the very best of my rolled ink textures and created 20 Photoshop presets. I say presets, what I mean is layers.

Layers that are pre-built with masks, noise and backgrounds. You just add your own artwork and conjure up a retro print look and feel. You don’t need to know any fancy photoshop tricks, just drag and drop.

It’s super easy to use. No actions, no installs and no plugins. Everything in 1 photoshop file.

Extra overlay effects

The extra overlay effects give you the option to add paper textures, cup marks, drips, stains and paint spray effects. There are 20 additional effects in total, all you have to do is turn on the layer.

Check out the textures

Super Rustic photoshop print texture kit

Easily change colour

Rustic photoshop print

Scratch Tooth

Inky Carnage

Inky Carnage

Rustic photoshop kit

Blotchy ink

Light stained

Light stained

Add extra noise

Add extra noise

Quick and easy to apply

Quick and easy to apply

What’s included in the texture kit

  • 1 Photoshop file 4498 x 3150 at 300 dpi
  • 20 main texture effects (the bulk of the pack)
  • 7 additional noise effects (paper, scratches, spray)
  • 13 additional stain marks (finger prints, water stains, cup stains, paint spray)

So no excuses, it really is easy to use, add print texture to your artwork in minutes.

Buy now for £10

Get the Super Rustic Kit

That is all.

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