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Hello, it's me Simon—I create ready to buy fonts, textures and mockups
that are packed with personality.

Dogtown font


Dogtown is my attempt at adding a massive amount of texture to a font. I used my own rolled ink textures to give that old school printed look and feel. It has a mix of three styles to give that wood type vintage letterpress effect.

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Dogtown has 4 versions in total

Dogtown 1 – With light texture
Dogtown 2 – With medium texture
Dogtown 3 – With heavy texture
Dogtown (regular) – Contains all of the above using contextual alternatives.

That means it will alternate between 3 glyphs for each letter, number and punctuation mark. You will need to turn on contextual alternatives option in your design package for this to work.

You can also switch out letters by selecting through the glyphs palette or by selecting Dogtown one, two or three font.

The intention was to make everything look more irregular and less repetitive, more like natural letterpress printing.