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Hello, it's me Simon—I create ready to buy fonts, textures and mockups
that are packed with personality.

Gently Script font

£12.00 £8.00

Gently script a relaxed, informal handwriting font designed to be easy on the eye. Clean and simple style with a few twists thrown in.

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I’ve always had a soft spot for hand drawn type. It’s more personal, it’s like our fingerprint, we’ve all got our own style and I love that.

I wanted Gently script to have a relaxed look and feel, kind of easy on the eye. Nothing too aggressive, just a simple, clean, handwriting style. Some of the capital letters are slightly on the decorative side. It has a few quirks, a few foibles—it’s by no means perfect, but I like that.

You could use it for logotypes, packaging, t-shirts, posters, invitations and that personal kind of design work.