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Hello, it's me Simon—I create ready to buy fonts, textures and mockups
that are packed with personality.

Hello Monday SVG Brush Script font


Hello Monday is an OpenType-SVG colour bitmap font. It was handmade with real paint and has a rough handwritten style, with visible expressive brush marks.

It has an urban street style about it, It's punchy and has energy. It's a bit on the hipster side, with a carefree, if slightly aggressive attitude. Everything about it is dirty and uneven, but that's how it rolls, you can't change it.

With its urban style, it would be awesome for magazines, posters, invites, book covers and anything where you want that expressive look and feel.

If this font were a celebrity it would be more Tom Hardy than Tom Jones—but it's still a bit of a sex bomb.

Hello Monday comes with a set of Photoshop patterns. 10 of them in total as transparent png images. You can easily colour them up in Photoshop to create a really cool painted effect.


Hello Monday Alternative Characters

Hello Monday has bags of alternative characters, for capital and lowercase characters. To get the most out of the font you should experiment with the alternatives, and it will also help you letters look less repetitive.


Hello Monday Transparency

Hello Monday has full transparency. To get a bolder look, you’ll need to duplicate your type layers in Photoshop.

Apply any Colour

The typeface also only comes in black, but it’s easy to change in Photoshop CC. And yes, I have a tutorial for that too.

Change colour—http://bit.ly/2LxNG76

Boring but Important: Please Read thoroughly

This font will only work in Mac and PC Photoshop CC2017+ & Illustrator CC2018+. Windows (operating system) does not yet support bitmap fonts; thus you will not see your letters when you install the font. But it will work in the above applications.

Non-Photoshop/Illustrator users you can still use the font but it a different way

If your software is too old I’ve provided high-resolution images for photoshop & PNG images, so you can still manually compose letterforms inside photoshop or your painting application of choice.

OpenType SVG font includes

– A-Z uppercase and lowercase letters
– Numbers
– Punctuation
– Symbols
– No support for Western, Central or South Eastern Glyphs

Due to size limitations, it only includes Basic Latin A-Z and has no support for Western, Central or South Eastern European glyphs. As the OpenType-SVG technology evolves I may add support for Western, Central and South Eastern Glyphs—All updates are free.

Photoshop & PNG images

All the glyphs are included in a single Photoshop file; each glyph is approx 1200×1200 pixels at 300 DPI. Also included are cut out PNG images. These are sorted in order and called by their name.