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Hello, it's me Simon—I create ready to buy fonts, textures and mockups
that are packed with personality.

Hero maker banner creator


It’s a top down view of a desktop with over 300 objects on it. It allows designers and creative people to showcase their work in a real environment. You can move any of the objects, anywhere. Scale them, rotate them and change the colour, easily and quickly. Some of them are even smart objects so you can add your own artwork really easy. It lets you create your own desktop scene.

All the objects are cut out with shadows on a transparent background—so you can add them to any background.

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Everything is in one PSD file, it’s packed with over 700mb of images. The file has been tested in photoshop cs 6 upwards, but I see no reason why it wouldn’t work in older versions. The file dimension is 2006 x 1358 at 100 DPI.