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Hello, it's me Simon—I create ready to buy fonts, textures and mockups
that are packed with personality.

Procreate drip and drop brushes 25 high-resolution brushes


Procreate drip and drop brushes, a collection of 25 high-resolution brushes for Procreate. These brushes were originally created for photoshop, but I’ve converted them to Procreate.

All the drips and drops were handmade with real ink on real paper. They have been scanned in, cleaned up and converted for digital use.

Procreate Brushes usage

I’m using the drips for my handmade typography work. To make it look like I accidentally dropped ink on the page or just to give a piece more energy. The great thing about them is you don’t have to ruin your work, just add the drips in a new layer and move them around until you are happy.

Stamp brush style

Because of the nature of a real ink drip, these brushes are more of a stamp. I have added dynamic rotation to each brush, but they look best when you just tap once—that said you can get some cool looking splat effects if you use them like a paintbrush.

What’s Included

– 25 Individual procreate drip brushes
– Full Install instructions
– Free updates

Please note This bundle is for Procreate, on the Apple Ipad only.