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Hello, it's me Simon—I create ready to buy fonts, textures and mockups
that are packed with personality.

Photorealistic Soda can mockup for photoshop


This soda can mockup is not just photorealistic, it is a real photo—it doesn’t get any more realistic than that. Taken with my Nikon D610 digital camera in my home studio.

It’s a standard coke style aluminium tin can that contains 330ml of refreshing cool liquid.

The can mockup template comes with 5 views that are all slightly different. All shot at super high resolution (canvas size is 6000 x 4000) and everything in the photoshop file is smart object ready.

Soda can mockup features

What makes this mockup different is that it combines real photography with Photoshop 3D. The soda can label is 3D, and you can rotate it 360 degrees—How cool is that?

Each can mockup is set against a transparent background, with a separate shadow layer. So unlike some mockups you are not locked to the view, you can move the can anywhere on the canvas—you could even rotate it if you wanted to. The main features are

1. 5 well organised layered photoshop templates
2. Real 3D label texture
3. Editable background colour (or add your own)
4. Fully transparent—Move the can, place it anywhere on the canvas
5. Adjust the drop shadow opacity (or turn it off)
6. Easily adjust the can shadows and highlights
7. Instagram lighting effects

3d Smart Object ready

Adding your artwork couldn’t be easier, just open the file in Photoshop, locate the 3d layer, double-click diffuse texture map and drop in your own design. Save and you are done.

You can move your artwork within the smart object and just scale it into place—Easy to re-edit if you want a different look.

Can label lighting layers

Each aluminium soda can template has multiple shadows and highlight layers. Depending on the look you are after you can change the opacity of those layers to darken or lighten your artwork. So if you wanted a more specular highlight you can just bump up the opacity of that layer.

Perfect for branding projects

The mockup is perfect to showcase your new drink branding work. Or perhaps you client just wants to see what the label design looks like on a real can. Use it for soft drinks, larger, cider, energy drinks any cold drink you can think of—my favourite is Irn Bru!