Vintage Skull and bone vector pack

Vintage Skull and Bone Vector pack for illustrator

Halloween is near upon us so that means trick or treaters knocking on the door. Oh boy, rather than hide behind the couch and pretend I’m not at home I thought I would embrace it—with the power of drawing!

What does that mean? It means I got busy in illustrator, resurrected some old illustrations, got the pens out and created my own Vintage Skull vector pack. In all honesty they are not just for Halloween, skulls are cool any time of the year in my book.

I’ve called it Skull and Bone its part vintage skull drawings part tongue in cheek cartoon sketches. Yea, that’s how I roll.

It’s was a treat to create

I’ve part taken the images from out of copyright books, and part re-drawn new versions. My intention was to re-draw each and every one. But it took me all day to draw one of them so decided to re-think my strategy. It’s a shame as I think my re-drawn versions are better than the original.

What I ended up with was some drawn by me and the rest scanned in, traced and cleaned up as much as possible. Even with the traced versions I went over them removing and adding bits to make it as good as I could.

I’m getting quite handy at drawing in illustrator now.

Bonus Skull vector sketches

I’ve added a few bonus sketches that are right out of my head onto the paper. They are a bit ruff around the edges and some are pretty weird looking—but I like them.

What’s included in the Skull and Bone Vector Pack?

  • 20 Vector skull illustrations
  • Original vector artwork plus plain black and white versions
  • Illustrator cc, cs, cs6, cs4, and eps file
  • 14 Bonus vector sketches

Using Vintage Skull and Bones vectors

You can use them for any creative work. The skulls would make a cool t-shirt design. Add some blood drips, some kick ass type and your done.

Use them for Halloween cards, invites, bandanas, vintage craft projects, illustrations, posters, prints and flyers.

The good thing is that because they are vectors you can scale them up to any size. Take them into photoshop to add extra effects like grunge and texture. Or you could get creative and edit them to how you want them. Everything is editable.

Buy Skull and Bones Vector pack for £5

You can get the whole Vintage Skull and Bones vector pack including 14 bonus sketches for just £5. All illustrator ready, all vector artwork.

Buy Skull & Bones

or buy with USD

Buy Skull & Bones $14

Remember, a t-shirt without a skull on it is just material.

That is all.

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