spray paint bundle for photoshop

Spray paint bundle created with a real can of black paint

Introducing my spray paint bundle, This is not my first spray paint pack, but it’s the biggest—and bigger is better right?

It has over 100 (120 to be exact) real handmade spray paint marks all created with a real can of black paint on real paper—I was trying to keep it real. They were then meticulously scanned in, cleaned up and made transparent.

All of the textures are photoshop ready, and compatible with any version of photoshop. In fact, because they are png files you can use them in any design app that accepts them.

What’s in the bundle

The bundle has a large range of different spray marks, splatters, drips and general grunge. There are so many that I’ve created a contact sheet to make it easier to find the mark you are after. Take a look at them below.

spray paint

rock & roll

Murray for president




spray pack

dirty spray paint bundle

Spray paint bundle texture pack

Spray paint

Spray paint bundle by Simon Stratford

High Resolution

The images vary in size but they are all super high-resolution png files scanned in at 800dpi. The bundle is over 500mb of paint spray goodness.

Transparency makes is easy

I made them transparent to save you time. It also makes is really easy to change the colour. Just position them on your artwork, lock the transparency and fill with your colour choice. You can make a black paint drip look like dripping blood just in a few clicks.

The paint spray is an ideal for adding that special detail in your design work. Just drag, scale, change the colour and you are done.

Free font included

Oh, I nearly forgot, because I think they are a match made in heaven I’m including my new stencil font called mind the gap for free. It’s the full commercial font almost worth the cost on its own.

Buy Spray Paint bundle font £8

Buy Spray Paint Bundle

or buy them on my Creative Market shop

Buy Spray Paint Bundle

That is all.

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